Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come!

An elegant solution to almost all cybersecurity problems lies in the use of just one simple step — the step of accurately verifying claimed identity.

Using biometric identification to accurately verify a person’s claimed identity before granting him or her access to important cyber resources will prevent cybersecurity failures, eliminate identity theft and put an end to our burdensome use of passwords.

To date, no biometric identity verification methods have gained popularity as an alternative to passwords, ID cards or tokens because people dislike the human interaction portion of biometric techniques.

Recent research shows that identity theft and cybersecurity problems persist because people do not want to be inconvenienced by complex biometric processes.

That’s where Solution Biometrics™ and our movement-based biometric methods step in.

Solution Biometrics’ patented movement-based biometric processes provide accurate verification of the claimed identity of a person by utilizing observations of unique changes that occur with the movement of that person.

With our process, you simply blink your eyes or flex your fingers in front of a web camera to accurately verify your claimed identity. It’s that easy.

Future versions of our movement-based biometric systems will effortlessly provide for constant verification of claimed identity.

Constant verification of claimed identity will enable many exciting new cyber capabilities that include:

  • The highest attainable level of cybersecurity
  • Continuous verification of claimed identity at the highest level of trust
  • The ability to unify all of your needs for computing, cyber communications and interaction with technologically interconnected devices into one single remotely accessible computer
  • Safe secure access to remotely located computers

Welcome to the future!

By Jeff Aronson